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spring washers

spring washers

Spring washers are disks of metal that form an irregular shape, so that when the washer is loaded it acts like a spring and deflects, providing a preload between the two surfaces.Spring washers are specifically designed to provide a compensating spring force and sustain a load or absorb a shock. Spring washers provide an easy way to compensate for differences in stacked tolerances or better known as “end play”.

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Product Description


Spring washers are disks of metal that form an irregular shape, so that when the washer is loaded it acts like a spring and deflects, providing a preload between the two surfaces.Spring washers are specifically designed to provide a compensating spring force and sustain a load or absorb a shock. Spring washers provide an easy way to compensate for differences in stacked tolerances or better known as “end play”.


2.Subcategories of spring washers

1, Wave spring washer:

GB: GB / T 7246-1987Wave washer into a the WG type WL WN WG wave washer: the WG wave washer spring washers open type, it can usually be installed in a smaller space, such as a bearing prestressed to reduce the noise of the bearing operation, improve bearings running accuracy and smooth. electronic appliances application materials, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper alloy WL-type wave washer: WL wave washer spring washers take the mouth, it is usually in small spacePrestressed within the installation, such as to the bearing, reduce the bearing operation noise to improve the operation of the bearing accuracy and smooth. Addition a large number of applications in the electrical and electronic materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, copper alloys WN-type wave washer:WN type wave washer multilayer crest superposition type resilient gasket, the series with WL comparison, since composed of multilayer material, the curve of the value of K in the same compression stroke than WL type gentle, applicable to larger elastic force, and the entireThe work trip stretch release requires uniform materials used in carbon steel, stainless steel, copper alloy.


2, Disc spring washers:

Disc spring washers, also known as the Belleville spring washers, inventor Frenchman Belleville. DIN6796 disc spring washers (HDS series) are designed for bolt and screw lock washer. It is designed and manufactured according to DIN 6796 for medium-or high-strength bolts, screw connection. Supported load is large and the elastic recovery HDS series very effective, bolt tension can withstand due to the slack generated by the following reasons: the wear of the wearing parts, creep, relaxation, thermal expansion, contraction, or pinch seal. The HDS series so screw the elasticity of the increased several times, it can effectively replace ordinary spring washer, but not as a lock washer, flat washer combination. HDS series of disc springs can be combined or superimposed. The combination of aggregate way to increase the amount of deformation of the disc spring group superposed combinations increases Singles the spring force of the spring group. The ideal installation to flatten the closer pressed flat torque increase more quickly and does not require a torque wrench, you can get the proper bolt tension.


3.The requirements for spring washers

Two principle factors are at work that continually increase the requirement for spring washers:
1. The continuing effort to down-size many end products, relative to both weight and cost, creates a need for small, multi-functioning assembly components,such as washers that support a load,span a hole,or both,while providing a compensating spring force.

2. Automated assembly requires some “play”or tolerance in the “fit”of components. Spring tension is needed to compensate for these tolerances.



The common applications for spring washers are:
1. To take up “play”in assemblies due to cumulative commercial tolerances.
2. To compensate for small dimensional changes in assembled components.
3. To eliminate end play or rattles.
4. To maintain fastener tension or “tightness.”
5. To compensate for expansion and contraction or cold flow of material.
6. To absorb intermittent shock loads and function as working springs capable of providing controlled reaction under dynamic loads.


5.Load and deflection performance

Load and deflection are the key characteristics of a spring washer. How much will the washer deflect under a given load and at what point will it flatten.
These values are normally shown in Load/Deflection (LD) curves with load,or applied force,measured on one axis and washer deflection on the other. A typical Load/Deflection curve for a simple coil spring is shown in Figure 1.
The spring depicted on the left,below the chart,is not deflected and there has been no load applied. On the chart we are at Point A. The vertical axis represents spring deflection in one-inch increments. The applications of 10 pounds of pressure deflects the spring one inch (Point B). The application of 20 pounds of pressure results in a two-inch deflection (Point C);30 pounds, three inches (Point D);and 40 pounds, four inches (Point E).
At this point,the spring is fully compressed. This graph reflects a linear curve,or “constant spring rate”,as each ten pounds of pressure produces one inch of deflection. Most spring washers do not perform this consistently.As the force is gradually released,it is apparent that the spring does not return to the full extension it had before deflection.
This is evident on the return at Points E,G and H. At Point E, for example,at a deflection of three inches,the spring is supplying a little less than 30 pounds of reactive force. This results from the spring having used some of its stored energy to overcome friction caused by the bearing surface at both ends. Some stored energy is also lost through the increased temperature that results from intermolecular friction caused by the initial deflection.
When considering washer design,there is an obvious relationship between washer thickness and load bearing characteristics. There is and inverse relationship between washer thickness and spring compensation or deflection.
The physical design of washers can be varied to serve either or both of these basic performance characteristics.

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