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Passenger car tyres
(1) New patterns,low noise,wide range
(2) Competitive Price,
(3) Quality Warranty and Fast delivery


Wanli Sunny Auplus Durun Triangle Passenger Car Tyres


Certificates:   ISO9001, DOT, ECE, INMETRO, GEC, ECE, DOC, S-MARK, REACH.jpg

1. Brands: Most Famous Chinese brands.

2. MOQ: one full container.(20GP acceptable)

3. Delivery: within 20 days after received your down payment.

4. Paymnt Terms: a) By TT 100%   b) By TT 30% against the order and balance within 15 days after the date of B/L.   c) By L/C at sight.   d) If the quantity is more than 3 containers, we accept L/C in 30 days.

5. Price: Our price of tire is always very competitive, because we are also the main rubber supplier of tire manufactures in China, and they give us discount usually.

6. OEM Service: we can provide OEM service.



SIZES of Wanli Durun Triangle Passenger Car Tyres. More sizes available, kindly contact us to get more details.


155/65R13 SN828 73T
155/70R13 SN828 75T
155/80R13 SN828 79T
165/65R13 SN828 77T
165/70R13 SN828 79T
165/80R13 SN620 83T
175/70R13 SN828 82T
185/70R13 SN828 86T
165/65R14 SN828 83/XL T
165/70R14 SN828 81T
175/65R14 SN828 82T/H
175/70R14 SN828 84T
175/80R14 SN828 88T
185/55R14 SN3200 80H
185/55R14 SN600 80H
185/60R14 SN880 82H
185/60R14 SN682 82H
185/65R14 SN880 86T/H
185/65R14 SN600 86T/H
185/70R14 SN828 88T
185/80R14 SN828 91T
185/80R14 SN828 95/XL S
195/60R14 SN880 86H
195/70R14 SN828 91T
205/70R14 SN828 98/XL T


175/65R15 SN880 84T
185/55R15 SN600 82H/V
185/60R15 SN600 84H
185/60R15 SN600 88/XL H
185/65R15 SN880 88V
185/65R15 SN600 88T/H
195/45R15 SN3800 78V
195/50R15 SN3800 82V
195/55R15 SN600 85V
195/55R15 SN600 89/XL H
195/60R15 SN600 88H/V
195/65R15 SN880 91H
195/65R15 SN880 95/XL T
195/65R15 SN330 91H/V
195/65R15 SN600 91H/T
195/65R15 SN600 95/XL T
205/60R15 SN600 91V
205/60R15 SN880 91H
205/65R15 SN600 94H/V
205/65R15 SN3200 94H/V
205/65R15 SN3200 99/XL H
205/65R15 SN880 94H/V
205/65R15 SN880 99/XL H
205/70R15 SN880 96T/H
215/60R15 SN880 94H
215/60R15 SN3300 94H
215/65R15 SN880 100/XL H
215/70R15 SN880 98T
215/75R15 SN880 100T
225/60R15 SN880 96V
225/60R15 SN600 96V
P235/75R15 SN3606 105T


195/45R16 SN3630 84/XL V
195/55R16 SN880 87V
195/55R16 SN880 91/XL H
205/45R16 SN3800 87/XL V
205/45R16 SN3630 87/XL V
205/45R16 SN3970 87/XL V
205/45ZR16 SN3800 87/XL W
205/45ZR16 SN3630 87/XL W
205/50R16 SN3800 87V
205/50ZR16 SN3800 87W
205/55R16 SN3800 91H/V
205/55R16 SN3630 91H/V
205/55ZR16 SN3800 91W
205/55ZR16 SN3630 91W
205/60R16 SN880 92H
205/60R16 SN3630 92V
215/40ZR16 SN3800 86/XL W
215/40ZR16 SN3630 86/XL W
215/55R16 SN3800 93V
215/55R16 SN3630 93V
215/55ZR16 SN3800 97/XL W
215/55ZR16 SN3630 97/XL W
215/55ZR16 SN3970 97/XL W
215/60R16 SN880 95H
215/65R16 SN880 98H
215/65R16 SN880 102/XL H
225/50R16 SN3100 92V
225/55R16 SN3630 95V
225/55R16 SN3630 99/XL V
225/55R16 SN3800 99/XL V
225/55R16 SN3970 95V
225/55R16 SN3970 99/XL V
225/55ZR16 SN3630 95W
225/55ZR16 SN3800 95W
225/55ZR16 SN3970 95W
225/60R16 SN880 98H
235/60R16 SN880 100V
235/60R16 SN3800 100V
235/60ZR16 SN3800 100W
P215/65R16 SN3606 98T
P215/70R16 SN3606 100T
P225/70R16 SN3606 103T
P235/65R16 SN3606 103T
P235/70R16 SN3606 106T
P245/70R16 SN3606 107T
P255/70R16 SN3606 111T
P265/70R16 SN3606 112T


205/40ZR17 SN3630 84/XL W
205/50ZR17 SN3970 93/XL W
205/50ZR17 SN3800 93/XL W
215/40ZR17 SN3800 87/XL W
215/40ZR17 SN3630 87/XL W
215/40ZR17 SN3970 87/XL W
215/45ZR17 SN3800 91/XL W
215/45ZR17 SN3630 91/XL W
215/45ZR17 SN3970 91/XL W
215/50ZR17 SN3970 91W
215/50ZR17 SN3630 91W
215/50ZR17 SN3630 95/XL W
225/45ZR17 SN3800 94/XL W
225/45ZR17 SN3630 94/XL W
225/45ZR17 SN3970 94/XL W
225/50ZR17 SN3630 98/XL W
225/50ZR17 SN3970 98/XL W
225/55ZR17 SN3630 101/XL W
225/55ZR17 SN3970 101/XL W
235/40ZR17 SN3630 90W
235/45ZR17 SN3800 97/XL W
235/45ZR17 SN3630 97/XL W
235/45ZR17 SN3970 97/XL W
235/50ZR17 SN3970 100/XL W
245/45ZR17 SN3800 95W
P225/65R17 SN3606 102T
P235/65R17 SN3606 104T
P245/65R17 SN3606 107T
P245/70R17 SN3606 110T
P265/65R17 SN3606 112T
215/35ZR18 SN3800 84/XL W
225/40ZR18 SN3800 92/XL W
225/40ZR18 SN3630 92/XL W
225/40ZR18 SN3970 92/XL W
235/40ZR18 SN3800 95/XL W
235/40ZR18 SN3630 95/XL W
235/40ZR18 SN3970 95/XL W
235/50ZR18 SN3800 97W
245/40ZR18 SN3800 97/XL W
245/40ZR18 SN3970 97/XL W
255/35ZR18 SN3800 94/XL W
255/45ZR18 SN3800 103/XL W
265/35ZR18 SN3800 97/XL W
265/35ZR18 SN3970 97/XL W


215/35ZR19 SN3970 85/XL W
225/35ZR19 SN3630 88/XL W
225/35ZR19 SN3970 88/XL W
235/35ZR19 SN3800 91/XL W
235/35ZR19 SN3970 91/XL W
245/35ZR19 SN3800 93/XL W
245/35ZR19 SN3970 93/XL W


225/30ZR20 SN3800 85/XL W
225/30ZR20 SN3970 85/XL W
225/35ZR20 SN3800 90/XL W
225/35ZR20 SN3970 90/XL W
245/35ZR20 SN3800 95/XL W
245/35ZR20 SN3890 95/XL W
245/35ZR20 SN3970 95/XL W
255/35ZR20 SN3800 97/XL Y
255/35ZR20 SN3890 97/XL W
255/35ZR20 SN3970 97/XL W
255/45ZR20 SN3800 105/XL W
275/40ZR20 SN3800 106/XL W
275/40ZR20 SN3970 106/XL W
275/45R20 SN3980 106H
275/45R20 SN3820 106V
285/50R20 SN3980 112H
285/50R20 SN3870 112V
235/30ZR22 SN3870 90/XL W
245/30ZR22 SN3870 92/XL W
245/30ZR22 SN3890 92/XL W
265/35R22 SN3980 102/XL V
265/35R22 SN3820 102/XL V
265/40R22 SN3980 106/XL V
265/40R22 SN3870 106/XL V
305/45R22 SN3980 118/XL V
305/45R22 SN3820 118/XL V
305/45R22 SN3870 118/XL V
305/40R22 SN3980 114/XL V


255/30ZR24 SN3890 97/XL W
275/25ZR24 SN3890 95/XL W
275/30ZR24 SN3890 101/XL W
295/35R24 SN3870 110/XL V
305/35R24 SN3820 112/XL V
295/30ZR26 SN3890 107/XL W
305/30ZR26 SN3890 109/XL W


165R13C SN223C 6PR 91/89R
175R13C SN223C 8PR 97/95R
175R14C SN223C 8PR 99/98R
185R14C SN223C 8PR 102/100R
195R14C SN223C 8PR 106/104R
205R14C SN222C 8PR 109/107R
195R15C SN223C 8PR 107/105N
165/70R14C SN223C 6PR 89/87R
195/70R15C SN223C 8PR 104/102R
225/70R15C SN223C  
195/65R16C SN223C 8PR 104/102T
205/65R16C SN223C 8PR 107/105T
215/65R16C SN223C 8PR 109/107R
225/65R16C SN223C 8PR 112/110R
235/65R16C SN223C 8PR 115/113T
LT235/75R15 SN282C 6PR 104/101S
LT215/85R16 SN268C 8PR 110/107S
LT225/75R16 SN268C 10PR 115/112S
LT235/85R16 SN253C 10PR 120/116S
LT245/75R16 SN268C 10PR 120/116S
LT245/75R16 SN268C 10PR 120/116Q
LT245/75R16 SN283C 10PR 120/116S
LT265/70R16 SN282C 6PR 110/107S
LT265/70R16 SN283C 6PR 110/107S
LT275/70R16 SN282C 6PR 114/110S
LT275/70R16 SN283C 6PR 114/110S
7.00R16LT SN221C 12PR 117/116M
7.50R16LT SN255C 14PR 122/118N
31X10.5R15LT SN280C 6PR 109S
31X10.5R15LT SN288C 6PR 109S

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