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seal kits for CAT excavator 320DRR 345C 5110 311B 320L 345CL 311D 320N 345D 312 320S 350 350L 312B 312BL

FOB Price:
USD20-200/SetGet Latest Price
Minimum Order Quantity:
3 Piece/Pieces
Supply Ability:
500 Piece/Pieces Month
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Model:311D 320N 345D 312 320S 350 350L 312B 312BL

Packaging & Delivery

standard exporting package

2 days


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We (Xiamen Yonglianfeng Machinery Co,Ltd)  are manufacturer of hydraulic breakers/hammers and spare parts for breakers of Soosan,Hanwoo,NPK,Toyo,Furukawa etc., we also supply excavator/bulldozer undercarriage parts, excavator piping kits, hydraulic breaker parts include seal kits ,chisel,rod pin,moil point, piston, diaphragm, charging valve, front head, back head,accumulator,through bolt,thrush bush,ring bush,front cover,pedal valve,nitrogen charging device ect.

We can produce more than 1000 types of chisels for our customers, the following are only part of the models:(hydraulic hammer tools, hydraulic breaker chisel, hydraulic hammer chisels, hydraulic breaker tools, hydraulic rock breaker tools, demolition tools, hydraulic breaker tool bits, hydraulic demolition hammer tools, hydraulic breaker point,hydraulic hammer point,excavator attachment,hydraulic breaker aftermarket parts/replacement parts)

We supply:

 Seal kits:

Bucket cylinder seal kits,Arm cylinder seal kits,Boom cylinder seal kits,

Track adjuster seal kits,Pilot valve seal kits,Travel motor seal kits,

Hydraulic Pump seal kits,Control Valve seal kits,Center Joint seal kits for


excavator, wheel loader, bulldozer,backhoe loader, dump truck,

Motor grader, Main pump

Brand: CAT,Hitachi,Komatsu,Kato,JCB,Doosan,Hyundai,Volve,Kobelco,Hitach,

John Deere,Liugong,Shantui,Sany,XCMG,Yuchai,XGMA,Zoomlion



CX14 CX210 9007B CX16B CX210B 9010 CX17B CX210BLR 9010B CX20B CX210C 9020 CX22B CX225 9020B CX25 CX225SR 9030 CX27B CX235CSR 9030B CX30B CX240 9040 CX31 CX240B 9040B CX31B CX250C 9045B CX35B CX290 9050 CX36 CX290B 9050B CX36B CX330 9060 CX47 CX350 9060B CX50B CX350B CX55B CX350C CX75 CX370C CX75SR CX470B CX130 CX700B CX130B CX800B CX130C CX135 CX135SR CX145C SR CX160 CX160B CX160C



303CCR 320CS 330CLN M312 304CCR 320CU 330D M315 305CCR 320C 320CL 320C6 330DL M318 307 320D 330DN M320 307B 320DL 330L 307C 320DLN 336D 308B 320DLRR 345B 345BL 5080 311 320DRR 345C 5110 311B 320L 345CL 5230 5230B 311D 320N 345D 312 320S 350 350L 312B 312BL 321B 365 365B 312C 312CL 321D 365C 312D 322 374D 313B 322B 322BL 375 314D 322C 375L 315 322CFMLGP 385C 315B 322CL 315BL 322CLN E70 315B 322L E70B 315B 315BL 322N E110 315C 324D E110B 315CL 325 E120 315L 325B 325BL E120B 315D 325C E140 317 325CL E180 EL180 317B 317BL 325CLN E200B EL200B 317N 325D E240 EL240 318B, 318BL 325DL E240B EL240B 318D 325DLN E300 EL300 320 325L E300B, EL300B 320B 320BL 325N E400 320S 328D E450 320C 329D E650 320CL 330 320CLN 330B 330BL 320CLRR 330C 320CLU 330CL



902 960F 931 955F 904 960G 931B 955H 906 962G 931C 955K 908 966 933 955L 910 966A 933C 963 910E 966B 933E 963B 910F 966C 933F 963C 914 966D 933G 973 914G 966E 935B 973C 916 966F 935C 977 918F 966G 939 977D 920 966H 939C 977H 924 966R 941 977K 924F 970F 941B 977L 924G 972G 943 983 926 980 943B 983B 928F 980B 951

928G 980C 951B 930 980F 951C 930R 980G 953 930T 980H 953B 936 988 953C 936E 988B 955 936F 988F 955E 938F 988G 938G 990 944 992 944A 992B 950 992C 950B 992D 950E G910 950F G916 950G G926 950H G936



3P D4D D7F 814 3S D4E D7G 814B 4S D4H D7H 814F 5A D4L D7R 814S 5S D4T D8 824 6 D5 D8H 824B 6S D5B D8K 824C 7A D5C D8L 824S 7S D5E D8N 834S 7U D5H D8R 834U 7SU D5M D9D 830M 8A D5T D9G 834 8B D6 D9H 834B 8D D6B D9L 834C 8R D6C D9N 8S D6D D9R 8U D6E D10 9B D6G D10N 9R D6H D10R 9S D6M D11N 9U D6R D11R

D2 D7 D3 D7A D3B D7B D3C D7C D4B D7D D4C D7E



D25C D25D D30C D30D D35C D35HP D35HPC D40D D250B D250D D250E D300B D300B AG D300B DANE D350B D350C D350D D350E D400 D400D D400E


DOOSAN EXCAVATOR Cylinder seal kits

DX27Z S010-C S200W-V DH35 DH400LC-3 DX35Z S010 S210W-V DH55 DH400LC-5 DX60W S015 S220LC DH60-7 DH420LC-7 DX60 S015P-C S220LC-6 DH80 DH450 DX75 S018-VT S220LC-3 DH80-7 DH500LC-5 DX80 S015PLUS S220LC-5 DH130LC DH500LC-7 DX120 S030 S220LC-7 DH130LC-2 DX140LC S030P-C S220LL DH130LC-3 DX140W S030PLUS S220N-V DH130-5 E75-V DX150LC S035C S225LC-V DH150W-7 E130LC-V DX160LC S035 S225LL DH150LC-7 E140LC-V DX160W S55 S225NLC-V DH200LC E140W-V DX165W-5 S55W-VP S225-7 DH210W-7 E140W-RW DX180LC S55W-V S230LC-V DH215-9 E150LC-V DX190W S70-III S250LC-V DH215-9E E155LC-V DX210W S75-V S255LC-V DH220LC E170LC-V DX225LC S80W S258-7 DH220LC-2 E175LC-VDX225LC-SLR S80W-3 S280LC-3 DH220LC-3 E210W-V

DX225LCA S120W S290LC-5 DH220LC-5 E220LC-V DX225NLC S130W S290LL DH220LC-7 E225LC-V DX225LL S130W-5 S300LC-V DH220LC-9E E250LC-V DX255LC S130 S300LL DH225LC-7 E255LC-V DX260LC S130LC S300-7 DH225LC-9 E290LC-V DX300 S130LC-2 S320 DH258-5 DX300LC S130-III S320-3 DH258LC-7 DX300LCA S130LC-V S320-5 DH280 DX300LL S130W-3 S330-III DH280-2 DX340LC S130W-V1 S330LC-V DH280-3 DX345LC S130W-V2 S340LC-V DH280-5 DX380LC S140LC-V S360-3 DH290-5 DX420LC S140W-V S360-5 DH300-5 DX480LC S160W-V S370-5 DH300LC-7 DX500LC S170-III S400LC DH320-3 DX520LC S170LC-V S400LC-3 DH320-5 DX700LC S170W-3 S400LC-V DH330-3 S170W-V S420LC-V DH330-5 S175LC-V S450-III DH340-5 S180W-V S450LC-V DH360-3 S200LC S470LC-V DH360-5

S200W S500LC-V DH370LC-7 S200W-3 DH370LC-9



DL200 MEGA160-T2 DL250 MEGA160 DL300 MEGA160TCT2 DL400 MEGA160TC DL500 MEGA160-V MEGA200 MEGA200-3 MEGA200TC-3 MEGA200TC-5 MEGA200-V MEGA250-3 MEGA250-V3 MEGA250-V4 MEGA250-VT2

MEGA250-V MEGA300 MEGA300-3 MEGA300V2 MEGA300V3 MEGA300-V MEGA400/-3 MEGA400-VMEGA500-V



EX5 EX40UR-2C EX100W EX135UR-5 EX210K-5 EX5-2 EX40UR-3 EX100-2 EX135USR EX210LC-5HHE EX-8 EX45 EX100-2M EX135USRK EX210MT-5 EX8-2 EX45-2 EX100-3 EX140US-5 EX215 EX8-2B EX50U EX100-3C EX150 EX220 EX12 EX50UNA EX100-3M EX150-3 EX220-2 EX12-2 EX50UR EX100M-2 EX150-5 EX220-3, EX15 EX55UR EX100M-2M EX150LC-5 EX220LC-3 EX15-2 EX55UR-3 EX100M-3 EX160 EX220-5 EX17U EX58MU EX100M-3M EX160WD EX220LC-5 EX17UNA EX60 EX100WD EX160-5 EX225USR EX18-2 EX60-2 EX100WD-2 EX160LC-5 EX225USRK EX20U-3 EX60-3 EX100WD-3 EX165 EX230-5 EX20UR EX60-5 EX100WD-3C EX200, EX200LC EX230LC-5 EX20UR-2 EX60BUN-5 EX100-5 EX200K EX230H-5 EX20UR-2C EX60G EX100M-5 EX200-2,EX200LC-2 EX230LCH-5 EX20UR-3 EX60LCK-3 EX100-5E EX200K-2 EX230K-5 EX22 EX60LCT-3 EX110-5 EX200-2M EX255 EX22-2 EX60SR EX120 EX200K-2M EX270 EX25 EX60T-2 EX120-2 EX200LCK-2M EX270LC EX25-2 EX60UR EX120-2M EX200-3 EX270-5 EX27U EX60WD EX120K-2 EX200K-3 EX270LC-5 EX27UNA EX60WD-2 EX120K-2M EX200K-3M EX280H-5 EX30 EX65 EX120-3 EX200LC-3 EX280LCH-5 EX30-2 EX70 EX120-3C EX200H-3 EX300 EX30U EX70LCK-5 EX120K-3 EX200LCH-3 EX300LC EX30UR EX75UR EX120-3M EX200-3C EX300-2 EX30UR-2 EX75UR-3 EX120K-3M EX200-3E EX300-3 EX30UR-2C EX75UR-5 EX120-5 EX200-3M EX300LC-3 EX30UR-3 EX75URLC-3 EX120-5E EX200-5 EX300H-3 EX33MU EX75URT EX120-5HG EX200-5E EX300LCH-3

EX33U EX75URT-5 EX120-5LV EX200LC-5 EX300-3C EX35 EX75US-5 EX120-5-M EX200-5HG EX300-3HHE EX35-2 EX80-5 EX120-5X EX200-5HHE EX300-5 EX35U EX80U EX120-5Z EX200-5LV EX300-5HHE EX35UNA EX90 EX120SS-5 EX200-5X EX300LC-5M EX40 EX90-2 EX125WD-5 EX200-5Z EX300LCLL-5 EX40-2 EX100 EX130-5 EX200SS-5 EX300LCLL-5M

EX40U EX100M EX130K-5 EX210H-5 EX310H-3C EX40UR-2 EX100T EX135UR EX210LCH-5 EX330-5 EX345USR EX2600-6BH ZX8-2 ZX40 ZX80LCK EX350-5 EX2600-6LD ZX8U-2 ZX40UR ZX80LCK-3 EX350H-5HHE EX3500 ZX10U-2 ZX40U ZX80SB EX350K-5 EX3500-2 ZX14-3 ZX40U-2 ZX80SBLC EX370-5 EX3500-3 ZX14-3D ZX40U-2U ZX85US-3 EX370-5M EX3600-5 ZX16 ZX40U-3 ZX85USB-3 EX370HD-5 EX3600-6 ZX16-3 ZX40U-3F ZX85USB-3M EX370LL-5M EX3600E-6 ZX17U-2 ZX40U-3U ZX85US EX385USR EX5500 ZX17UNA-2 ZX40UR ZX95 EX400 EX5500-5 ZX18 ZX40UR-2 ZX110 EX400LC EX5500-6 ZX18-3 ZX40UR-2D ZX110-3 EX400H EX5500E-6 ZX20U ZX40UR-2U ZX110-3-AMS EX400LCH EX5600-6BH ZX20UR ZX40UR-3 ZX110-3-HCME EX400-3 EX5600-6LD ZX22U-2 ZX40UR-3D ZX110-AMS EX400LC-3 EX8000 ZX25 ZX40UR-3U ZX110-E EX400H-3 EX8000-6 ZX27U ZX48U-3 ZX110-HCME EX400LCH-3 ZX27-3 ZX48U-3F ZX110M EX400-3C ZX27U-2 ZX50 ZX110M-3 EX400LC-3C ZX27U-3 ZX50U ZX110M-3-HCM EX400-5 ZX27U-3F ZX50U-2 ZX110M-HCME EX400LC-5 ZX27U-NA ZX50-2U ZX120 EX450H-3C ZX27UNA-2 ZX50U-3 ZX120-3 EX450LCH-3C ZX27UNA-3 ZX50U-3F ZX120-E EX450LC-5 ZX29U-3 ZX50U-3U ZX120-HCMC EX450LCH-5 ZX29U-3F ZX50U-NA ZX120-HHE EX450MT-5 ZX30 ZX50UNA-3 ZX125 EX450MTH-5 ZX30U ZX52U-3 ZX125US EX550 ZX30UR ZX52U-3F ZX125US-E EX550-3 ZX30U-2 ZX55UR-2 ZX125W EX550-5 ZX30U-2U ZX55UR-2D ZX130 EX600-3 ZX30U-3 ZX55UR-2U ZX130-3

EX600-5 ZX30U-3F ZX55UR-3 ZX130-3-AMS EX700 ZX30U-3U ZX55UR-3D ZX130-3-HCME EX700H ZX30UR-2 ZX55UR ZX130-AMS EX750-5 ZX30UR-2U ZX55 ZX130-HCME EX800H-5 ZX30UR-3 ZX60 ZX130H-HCMC EX1000 ZX30UR-3U ZX60USB-3 ZX130K EX1100 ZX33U-3 ZX60USB-3F ZX130K-3 EX1100-3 ZX33U-3F ZX65USB-3F ZX130L EX1200 ZX35 ZX70B ZX130L-3 EX1200-5 ZX35U ZX70-3 ZX130H EX1200-5C ZX35U-2 ZX70,ZX70LC ZX130K EX1200-5D ZX35U-2U ZX70CN ZX130LCN EX1200-6 ZX35U-3 ZX75US-A ZX130LCN-3F EX1800 ZX35U-3F ZX75US ZX130LCN-3FH EX1800-2 ZX35U-3U ZX75US-3 ZX130MT EX1800-3 ZX35U-A ZX75US-3M ZX130W EX1900-5 ZX35U-NA ZX75UR ZX130W-AMS

EX1900-6 ZX35UNA-2 ZX75UR-3 ZX135US EX2500 ZX35UNA-3 ZX75USK-3 ZX135UR EX2500-5 ZX38U-3 ZX75UST ZX135US-3 EX2500-6 ZX38U-3F ZX80 ZX135US-3F ZX135US-E ZX210-3G ZX280 ZX460LCH UH02 ZX135US-HCME ZX210LC-3 ZX280LC ZX470 UH025 ZX135USK ZX210K-3 ZX280LCN ZX470-3 UH025-7 ZX135USK-3 ZX210N ZX280-3 ZX470H-3 UH025M ZX135USL ZX210N-3 ZX280-3F ZX470LCH-3 UH025SR-7 ZX135USL-3 ZX210W ZX300 ZX470-3F UH025SS-7 ZX135US-M ZX210W-3 ZX300W ZX470LC-5B UH035 ZX135UST ZX210W-3-AMS ZX330-3 ZX470R-3 UH035-7 ZX140W-3 ZX210W-3D ZX330LC-3 ZX470R-3F UH03D ZX140W-3-AMS ZX210W-M ZX330-3G ZX480 UH03DT

ZX140W-3D ZX220W-3 ZX330 ZX480MT UH04 ZX145W-3 ZX225US-E ZX330LC ZX480MTH UH04-3 ZX160 ZX225US-3 ZX330-3F ZX480LCK-3 UH045 ZX160LC ZX225USR ZX330-5G ZX500 UH04-5 ZX160-3 ZX225USR-3F ZX330-M ZX500-3 UH045-5 ZX160LC-3-AMS ZX225USR-E ZX350 ZX500LC-3 UH045-7 ZX160LC-3-HCME ZX225US ZX350LC ZX500-3F UH045SS-7 ZX160LC-AMS ZX225-1 ZX350LCH ZX500W UH04-7 ZX160LC-HCME ZX230, ZX350H ZX520-3 UH04M ZX160LCT ZX230LC ZX350K ZX520LCH-3 UH04M-5 ZX160W ZX230-3 ZX350LCK ZX520-3F UH04M-7 ZX160W-AMS ZX240 ZX350-3 ZX600 UH055-7 ZX170W-3 ZX240-3, ZX350-3G ZX650 UH06-5 ZX170W-3-AMS ZX240LC-3 ZX350LC-3 ZX650-3 UH06D ZX170W-3D ZX240-3G ZX350LCN-3 ZX650-3D UH06DT ZX170WM-3 ZX240-3F ZX350H-3 ZX650-3M UH07 ZX180 ZX240-3-AMS ZX350K-3 ZX670-5B UH07-2 ZX180-3 ZX240K, ZX350LCK-3 ZX670-5B-7 UH07-3 ZX180LC-3-AMS ZX240LCH ZX350LCH-3 ZX670-3 UH07-5 ZX180LC-3-HCME ZX240H ZX350-3F ZX800 UH07-7 ZX180LC-AMS ZX240LCK ZX350-5G ZX850 UH07-7N ZX180LC-HCME ZX240N-3F ZX350W ZX850-3 UH08-1 ZX180W ZX240N-3 ZX360LC-3 ZX850-3F UH09 ZX180W-AMS ZX250,, ZX360-3 ZX850-3-M UH09-2 ZX185USR ZX250LC ZX360-3G ZX850-3-DH UH09-7 ZX190W-3 ZX250LCN ZX360W-3 ZX870-3F UH10 ZX190W-3-AMS ZX250-3 ZX370 ZX870-5B UH10-2 ZX190W-3D ZX250LC-3 ZX370M ZX870-3 UH12-7 ZX190W-3M ZX250LCN-3 ZX370MTH ZX870R-3 UH14 ZX200 ZX250H-3 ZX380 ZX870R-3F UH14-2 ZX200LC ZX250LCH-3 ZX400R-3 ZX1000K-3 UH14D ZX200-3 ZX250K-3 ZX400W-3 ZX1800K-3 UH16 ZX200-3G ZX250LCK-3 ZX450 UH20 ZX200-3F ZX250-3G ZX450LC UH23 ZX200-E ZX250-3F ZX450H UH122, UH30 ZX200-X ZX250K-3 ZX450LCH UH122LC UH35 ZX210 ZX250K-3F ZX450-3 UH123 UH50 ZX210LCH ZX250K-3G ZX450-3F UH171 UH045, ZX210LC ZX250W-3 ZX450LC-3 UH172 UH061 ZX210K ZX270 ZX450LC-3D UH181 UH083 ZX210LCK ZX270LC ZX450LC-3M UH261 UH083LC ZX210N ZX270-3 ZX460 UH501 UH107


R15-7 R140-7 R210LC-7 R290LC-9 R800-7 R16-7 R140-7A R210-7A R300-5 R800-7A R16-9 R140LC-9 R210-7H R300-7 R800LC-9 R22-7 R140LC-9S R210NLC-7 R300LC-9S R1200-9 R27Z-9 R140W-9 R210NLC-7A R300LC-9SH R28-7 R140W-9S R210LC-9 R305-7 R35-7 R145CR-9 R210NLC-9 R320LC R35-7Z R160-3 R210LC-9BC R320LC-3 R35Z-7A R160-7 R210LC-9BH R320-7 R35Z-9 R160-7A R210W-9 R320-7A R36N-7 R160LC-9 R210W-9S R320LC-9 R55-3 R160LC-9S R215-7 R330LC-9S R55-5 R170-7 R215-7C R330LC-9SH R55-7 R170-7A R215-7H R335-7 R55-7A R170W-3 R220-3 R360LC-3 R55-9 R170W-9 R220-5 R360LC-3H R55-9S R170W-9S R220-7 R360-7 R55W-3 R180-3 R225-7 R360-7A R55W-7 R180-7 R235LCR-9 R360LC-9 R55W-9 R180-7A R245-7 R370-7 R55W-9S R180LC-9 R250-3 R375LC-7 R60-5 R180LC-9S R250-7 R380LC-9SH R60-7 R190-5 R250-7A R420 R60CR-9 R200 R250LC-9 R450LC R75-7 R200LC, R260 R450LC-3 R80-7 R200NLC-3 R260-5 R450LC-3A R80-7A R200-7 R260LC-9S R450-7 R80CR-9 R200W-2 R265-7 R450-7A

R95W-3 R200W-3 R280LC, R455LC-7 R110-7 R200W-7 R280K R480LC-9 R110-7A R205-7 R290LC R480LC-9S R120W R210ECONO R290LC-3 R500-7 R130LC R210LC R290LC-3H R500-7A R130LC-3 R210LC-3 R290LC-7 R505LC-7 R130W R210LC-3H R290-7A R520LC-9 R130W-3 R210LC-5 R290-7H R520LC-9S




HL-17 HL750 HL-25 HL750TM HL-35 HL757-7 HL720-3 HL757-9 HL730-3 HL757-7A HL730TM-3 HL757TM-7A HL730-7 HL757TM-7 HL730-7A HL757TM-9 HL730-9 HL760 HL730TM-7 HL760-7 HL730TM-7A HL760-9 HL730TM-9 HL770

HL740-3 HL770-7 HL740TM-3 HL770-7A HL740-7 HL770-9 HL740-7A HL780-3 HL740TM-7A HL780-3A HL740-9 HL780-7A HL740TM-7 HL780-9 HL740TM-9





HD512III HD900-5 HD513MRIII HD900-6 HD550SE HD900-7 HD550SEII HD1023/1023II/1023III HD550SEV HD1200G

HD550VII HD1220SE HD550G HD1220SEII HD550GS HD1220SEV HD550 HD1250SE HD650SE HD1250SEV HD700SE HD1250SEVII HD700SEII HD1250VII HD700G HD1430/1430III HD700SEV HD1500 HD700VII HD1800G



NK-80A KR20H NK-80A-III KR20H-3 KL-110L KR25H-2 NK-110H KR25H-V2 NK-160B-II KR25H-V3 NK-160E SR250SP-V NK-160E-III KR25H-3 NK-160E-V KR25H-3L NK-200 Y78 KR25H-5 NK-200B KR30H-3 NK-200BE KR35H-3 NK-200E-III KR45H-3 NK-250 KR45VS NK-250E-III KR45H-5 NK-300 Y78 KR50H NK-300E KR250 NK-300E-III KR300 NK-400E KR450

NK-400E-III SS500 NK-450 NK160E-3 NK-500E-III NK200E-3 NK-500E NK500E-3 NK-800 NK1200



K903-II/2 SK17 SK100L-V/5 SK200-V/5 SK250NLC-IV/4 SK400-III/3 K904-II/2 SK20SR SK115SR SK200LC-V/5 SK250-VI/6 SK400LC-III/3 K904-III/3 SK20SR-3 SK115SR-1E SK200-VI/6 SK250LC-VI/6 SK430-III/3 K905-II/2 SK25SR SK115SRDZ SK200-6E SK250NLC-VI/6 SK430LC-III/3 K907-B SK25SR-2 SK120 SK200LC-VI/6 SK250-6E SK430-IV/4 K907-C SK27SR-3 SK120LC SK200SR SK250-6ES SK430-VI/6 K907-D SK30SR SK120-II/2 SK210LC SK250-VII/7 SK450 K907-II/2 SK30SR-2 SK120-III/3 SK210-IV/4 SK250-VIII/8 SK450-VI/6 K907-N2 SK30SR-3 SK120-V/5 SK210LC-6E SK260LC-VIII/8 SK450LC-VI/6 K909-A SK35SR SK120L-V5 SK210-VI/6 SK290LC SK460 K909-II/2 SK35SR-3 SK120-VI/6 SK210LC-VI/6 SK290LC-6E SK480-VI/6 K912-II/2 SK40SR-2 SK135 SK210LC-VIII/8 SK300 SK480LC-VI/6 K916-II/2 SK40SR-3 SK135SR SK220 SK300-N2 SK850LC SK025-2 SK45SR SK135SR-1E SK220-III/3 SK300-II /2 E135SB SK030-2 SK45SR-2 SK135SRLC SK220LC-III/3 SK300-III/3 E215B SK035-2 SK50SR-3 SK150, SK220-IV/4 SK300LC-III/3 E245B SK03-N2 SK50UR-2 SK150LC SK220LC-IV/4 SK300-IV/4 E305B SK04 SK55SR SK150-III/3 SK220-V/5 SK300LC-IV/4 E385B SK04-2 SK60 SK150LC-III/3 SK220LC-V/5 SK310-III/3 SK04-N2 SK60-III/3 SK150LC-IV/4 SK230-VI/6 SK310LC-III/3 SK043 SK60-V/5 SK160LC-IV/4 SK230LC-VI/6 SK310LC-IV/4 SK045-2 SK70SR SK170-6E SK230-6E SK320-VI/6 SK07 SK70SR-1E SK170LC-6E SK250-6E SK320LC-VI/6 SK07-2 SK70SR-1ES SK170LC-6ES SK230-VII/7 SK330LC SK07-N2 SK75 SK200 SK235SR SK330-IV/4 SK09 SK80CS SK200-II/2 SK235SRLC SK330LC-IV/4 SK09-N2 SK80CS-1E SK200-III/3 SK235SR-1E SK330-VI/6 SK09SR SK80MSR SK200-IV/4 SK235SR-1ES SK330LC-VI/6 SK12 SK80MSR-1E SK200-V/5 SK235SR-2 SK330NLC-VI/6 SK12-N2 SK80MSR-1ES SK200-VI/6 SK235SRLC SK330-6E SK13SR SK100W SK200-6E SK235SRLC-1E SK330-VIII/8 SK14 SK100W-2 SK200-VII/7 SK235SRLC-1ES SK350LC-VI/6 SK15SR SK100 SK200-VIII/8 SK235SRLC-2 SK350LC-6E SK15MSR SK100-II/2 SK200LC SK250-III/3 SK350LC-VIII/8 SK16 SK100-III/3 SK200LC-III/3 SK250-IV/4 SK350LC-9 SK16MSR SK100-V/5 SK200LC-IV/4 SK250LC-IV/4 SK400-II/2



PC03-1 PC40-7 PC120-3 PC200-1 PC220-5C PC270LC-8 PC350-6 PC800SE-6 PC03-2 PC40MR-1 PC120-5 PC200-2 PC220-6 PC280-3 PC350-7 PC800-7 PC05-5 PC40MRX-1 PC120-5C PC200-3 PC220LC-6 PC280LC-3 PC350LC-7 PC1000-1 PC05-6 PC40MR-2 PC120-5M PC200LC-3 PC220LC-6LC PC290-6 PC350LC-7EO PC1000SE-1 PC05-7 PC40R-8 PC120-5S PC200-5 PC220LC-6LE PC290LC-6K PC350LC-8 PC1000SP-1 PC08UU-1 PC45-1 PC120-5Z PC200LC-5 PC220-6Z PC290NLC-6K PC360-3 PC1100LC-6 PC10-5 PC45MRX-1 PC120-6 PC200LC-5C PC220-7 PC290-7 PC360LC-3 PC1250-7 PC10-6 PC45MR-3 PC120LC-6 PC200LC-5T PC220LC-7 PC290LC-7K PC360-7 PC1250LC-8 PC10-7 PC45R-8 PC120LC-6EO PC200-6 PC220LC-7L PC290NLC-7K PC400-2 PC1600-1 PC12R-8 PC50UU-1 PC128US-1 PC200LC-6 PC220-8 PC290LC-8K PC400-3 PC2000-8 PC12UU-1 PC50UU-2 PC128US-2 PC200LC-6LE PC220LC-8 PC300-1 PC400LC-3 PC15-1 PC50M2-2 PC128UU-1 PC200-6S PC228 PC300-2 PC400-5, PW05-1 PC15-2 PC50MR-2 PC128UU-2 PC200LC-6S PC228UU-1 PC300-3 PC400LC-5 PW20-1 PC15-3 PC55-2 PC130-6 PC200EN-6K PC228USLC-1 PC300LC-3 PC400-5 L/S PW30-1 PC15R-8 PC60-3 PC130-6K PC200LC-6H PC228USLC-2 PC300-5 PC400-6 PW60 PC20-5 PC60-5 PC130-7 PC200LC-6Z PC228USLC-3 PC300LC-5 PC400-7 PW60-3 PC20-6 PC60L-5 PC130-7K PC200-7, PC228USLC-3E0 PC300-5C PC400LC-7 PW95R-2 PC20-7 PC60-6 PC130-8 PC200LC-7 PC228USLC-3S PC300HD-5K PC400LC-7L PW100-1 PC20MRX-1 PC60L-6 PC138US-2 PC200LC-7L PC228US-2J PC300-6 PC400-7E0 PW100-3 PC20R-8 PC60-7 PC138USLC-2 PC200LC-7-US PC230-6 PC300LC-6 PC400LC-7E0 PW100N-3 PC25-1 PC60U-5 PC138US-8 PC200-8, PC240LC-3K PC300-7 PC450-5 PW128UU-1 PC25R-8 PC75UU-1 PC150-1 PC200LC-8 PC240NLC-5K PC300HD-7L PC450-6 PW130-6K

PC27MR-1 PC75UU-2 PC150-3 PC210-3 PC240-6 PC300LC-7L PC450-6K PW130ES-6K PC27MR-2 PC75UU-3 PC150LC-3 PC210LC-3 PC240-6K PC300LC-7 PC450LC-6K PW140-7 PC27MRX-1 PC78MR-6 PC150-5 PC210-6 PC240LC-6K PC300LC-7E0 PC450-7 PW150-1 PC27R-8 PC78US-5 PC150-6 PC210LC-6 PC240NLC-6K PC300HD-7E0 PC450-7K PW150ES-6K PC28UU-1 PC78US-6 PC150-6K PC210-6K PC240-7 PC300LL-7E0 PC450LC-7K PW160-7K PC28UU-2 PC80-3 PC150LC-6K PC210LC-6K PC240LC-7K PC300LL-7L PC600-6 PW170-5K PC30UU-3 PC80L-3 PC160-6K PC210-7 PC240NLC-7K PC300-8, PC600LC-6 PW170ES-6K PC30-5 PC90-1 PC160-7 PC210-7K PC240LC-8K PC300LC-8 PC600LC-6A PW180-7K PC30-6 PC95R-2 PC160LC-7 PC210LC-7K PC240-8 PC308USLC-3 PC600LC-6K PW200-7K PC30-7 PC100-1 PC160LC-7-EO PC210NLC-7K PC250-6 PC308USLC-3E0 PC600LC-7 PW210-1 PC30MRX-1 PC100-2 PC160LC-7K PC210LC-8K PC250LC-6 PC340-6 PC600LC-8 PW220-7K PC35MR-2 PC100-3 PC180LC-5K PC220-1 PC250LC-6L PC340-6K PC650-1 PC35MRX-1A PC100L-3 PC180-6 PC220LC-1 PC250LC-6LC PC340LC-6K PC650-3 20HT-2 PC35R-8 PC100U-3 PC180LC-6K PC220-2 PC250LC-6LE PC340LC-6K-J PC650-5 20HT-3 PC38UU-1 PC100-5 PC180NLC-6K PC220LC-2 PC270LC-6 PC340NLC-6K PC650-5-LS PC40-3 PC100L-5 PC180-7 PC220-3 PC270-7 PC340-7 PC710-5 PC40-5 PC100-6 PC180LC-7K PC220LC-3 PC270LC-7L PC340LC-7K PC750-6 PC40M2-1 PC120-1 PC180NLC-7K PC220-5 PC270LL-7L PC340NLC-7K PC750SE-6 PC40-6 PC120-2 PC220LC-5 PC270-8 PC340NLC-7K-EOPC800-6



D20A-5 D21S-5 D37E-1, D41P-6 D60E-8 D65PX-15EO D150A-1 D20A-6 D21S-6 D37P-1 D41P-6K D60P-6 D65S-6 D155A-1 D20A-7 , D31A-16 D37E-2, D41Q-3, D60P-7, D65S-7 D155A-2 D21A-7 D31A-17 D37P-2 D41S-3 D60PL-7 D65S-8 D155A-5 D20A-7-M D31A-20 D37E-5, D45A-1 D60P-8, D65WS-15 D155A-6 D20A-8 D21E-18 D37P-5 D45E-1 D60PL-8 D65WS-15EO D155A-3, D20P-5 D31E-20 D37EX-21, D45P-1 D60P-11 D66S-1 D155AX-3 D20P-5A D31EX-21 , D37PX-21 D45S-1 D60P-12 D68ESS-12 D155AX-5 D20P-6 D31PX-21 D37EX-21A, D50-17 D60S-7 D68E-1 D155AX-6 D20P-6A D31EX-21A , D37PX-21A D50A-16 D60S-8 D68P-1 D275A-2 D20P-7A , D31PX-21A D37P-5A D50A-17 D61E-12 D70-LE D275A-5 D21P-7A D31P-16 D37PX21 D50P-15 D61EX-12, D70LE-8 D275A-5D D20PL-5 D31P-17 D37PX21A D50P-16 D61PX-12 D75A-1 D275AX-5 D20PL-6 D31P-17A, D38E-1 D50P-17 D61EX-15, D75S-3 D275AX-5EO D20Q-5 D31P-17B D39E-1 D50PL-17 D61PX-15 D75S-5 D355A-3 D20Q-6 D31P-18, D39EX-21, D50S-16 D61EX-15EO D80A-18 D355A-5 D20S-6 D31PL-18, D39PX-21 D53-17 D61PX-15EO D80E-18 D375A-1 D20S-5 D31PLL-18 D39EX-21A, D53A-16 D63E-1 D83E-1 D375A-2 D21A-5 D31P-18A D39PX-21A D53A-17 D63E-12 D83P-1 D375A-3 D21A-6 D31P-20 D40A-1, D53P-16 D65A-6 D85A-12 D375A-3D D21A-7 D31P-20A D40P-1 D53P-17 D65A-7, D85A-18 D375A-5 D21A-8 , D31PL-17, D40A-3 D53S-16 D65E-7 D85A-21 D375A-5D D21P-8 D31PLL-17 D40F-3 D53S-17 D65A-8 D85A-21, D375A-5EO D21E-6 D31PX-21 D40P-3,, D57S-1 D65E-8 D85E-21 D455A-1 D21P-5 D31PX-21A D40PL-3 D57S-1B D65E-12 D85E-18 D475A-1 D21P-5A D31PX-21A-M D40PLL-3 D58E-1 D65EX-12 D85E-21 D475A-2 D21P-6 D31Q-17 D40PL-1 D58E-1B D65EX-15 D85E-SS-2A D475A-3 D21P-6A D31Q-18 D41A-3 D58P-1 D65EX-15EO D85EX-15 D475A-3 SD D21P-6B D31Q-20 D41A-6 D58P-1B D65P-6 D85P-18 D475A-5 D21P-7A D31S-16 D41E-3 D60A-7, D65P-7 D85P-21 D575A-2 D21P-8 D31S-17 D41E-6, D60E-7 D65P-8 D85PX-15 D575A-3 D21PL-5 D31S-18 D41P-6 D60A-8 D65P-12 D95S-2 WD600-1 D21Q-5 D31S-20 D41E-6K D60A-8, D65PX-12 D135A-1 WD600-1H D21Q-6 D32E-1 D41P-3 D65A-8 D65PX-15 D135A-2 WD600-3



WA20-1 WA320-1 WA470-3 WA30-1 WA320-1LC WA470-DZ-3 WA30-2 WA320-3 WA470-5 WA40-1 WA320-3L WA470-6 WA40-3 WA320-3MC WA480-5 WA65-3 WA320-5 WA480-6 WA65-5 WA320-5L WA500-1 WA70-1 WA320-6 WA500-3 WA80-3 WA320PZ-6 WA500-3LE WA100-1 WA350-1 WA500-6 WA100-3A WA350-3X WA600-1 WA120-1 WA380-1 WA600-3 WA120-3 WA380-3 WA600-3L WA150-1 WA380DZ-3 WA600-6 WA150-5 WA380-5 WA600-6R WA180-1 WA380-5L WA700-1 WA180-3 WA380-6 WA700-3 WA180PT-3 WA400-1 WA800-1 WA200-1 WA400-3A-S WA800-2 WA200-3 WA400-5 WA800-3 WA200-5 WA420-1 WA900-1 WA200PT-5 WA420-3 WA900-3 WA200-6 WA420-3L WA1200-3 WA200PZ-6 WA420-3MC WA250-1 WA420-DZ-3 WA250-3 WA430-5 WA250-3L WA430-6 WA250-3MC WA450-1 WA250PT-3 WA450-2 WA250-5 WA450-3 WA250PT-5 WA450-3L WA250L-5 WA450-5L WA250-6 WA450-6 WA300-1 WA470-1



HD205-3 HA250-1 HM300-1 HD255-5 HA250-3 HM300-2 HD325-3 HA270-3 HM350-1 HD325-5 HM350-2 HD325-6 HM400-1 HD325-7 HM400-2 HD325-7R HM400-2R HD465-3 HD465-5 HD465-7R HD605-7 HD785-3 HD785-5

 HD785-7 HD985-3 HD1200M-1



WB93R-2 WB97R-5 WB140-2 WB146PS-5 WB150PS-2 WB93R-5 WB97R-5EO WB140-2N WB150-2 WB150PS-2N

WB93R-5EO WB97S-2 WB140PS-2 WB150-2N WB150PS-2N WB93S-5 WB97S-5 WB140PS-2N WB150AWS-2

WB97R-2 WB97S-5EO WB146-5 WB150AWS-2N



GD200A-1 GD513A-1 GD613A-1, GD655-3EO GD300A-1 GD513R-1 GD613R-1 GD663A-1 GD313A-1 GD515A-1 GD615A-1 GD675-3 GD355A-1 GD521A-1, GD621A-1, GD675-3A GD355A-1S GD521R-1 GD621R-1 GD675-3EO

GD405A-1 GD523A-1, GD621A-1, GD705A-3 GD405A-2 GD523R-1 GD621R-1 GD705A-4 GD461A-1 GD525A-1 GD623A-1 GD705A-4A GD500R-2 GD555-3 GD623R-1 GD705R-1 GD505A-2 GD555-3C GD623R-1, GD705R-2

GD505A-3 GD600R-3 GD663A-1 GD725A-1 GD505A-3A GD605A-1 GD625A-1 GD825A-1 GD505R-2 GD605A-3 GD655-3 GD825A-2 GD510R-1 GD611A-1, GD655-3A GD511A-1 GD611R-1 GD655-3C



SK04-1 CK20-1 4B15 SK04-2 CK25-1 4B17 SK04J-2 CK30-1 4B19 SK05-1 CK35-1 SK05J-1 SK05J-2 SK07-1 SK07-2 SK07J-2 SK07-3 SK09J-1 SK09J-2 SK510-5 SK714-5 SK815-5 SK815-5N SK818-5 SK820-5 SK820-5N SK1020-5 SK1020-5N SK1020-5NA SK1026-5 SK1026-5N



BR200J-1 BR200R-1 BR210JG-1 BR300S-1 BR350JG-1 BR380JG-1 BR550JG-1 BR580JG-1



D85C-21 D85C-21A D155C-1 D155C-1P D355C-3



JS70 JS110 JS115 JS130 JS145 JS150 JS160 JS180 JS190 JS200 JS210 JS220 JS235 JS240 JS260 JS290 JS300 JS330 JS450 JS460 JZ140 JZ145 JZ255 JS130W JS145W JS150W JS160W JS175W JS200W 801 802 803 803 Magnum,803Plus 803Super 804 804Plus 804Super 8014 8015 8016 8017 8018 8020 8040 8052 8056 8060 8080

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bucket/arm/boom cylinder seal kits for excavator cat 330DL M318 307 320D 330DN M320 307B 320DL 330L 307C 320DLN 336D 308B 320DLRR 345B 345BL

330DL M318 307 320D 330DN M320 307B 320DL 330L 307C 320DLN 336D 308B 320DLRR 345B 345BL

We(Xiamen Yonglianfeng Machinery Co.,Ltd) have 16 years experience in producing hydraulic hammer and spare parts ,we can also make and install excavator hydraulickits/hammer lines/piping kits/hydr...

excavator cylinder seal kits 303CCR 320CS 330CLN M312 304CCR 320CU 330D M315 305CCR 320C 320CL 320C6 330DL M318 307 320D

303CCR 320CS 330CLN M312 304CCR 320CU 330D M315 305CCR 320C 320CL 320C6 330DL M318 307 320D

Contact us by: sales(at)ylfpart(dot)com web: www(dot)ylfpart(dot)com Wesupply: Seal kits:Bucketcylinder seal kits,Arm cylinder seal kits,Boom cylinder seal kits,Trackadjuster seal kits,Pilot valve...

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WELCOME to visit MAYER products here(^_^)Press fitting system joins pipe without welding or bolting. The components fit by crimping through the use of a special pressing tool. An O-ring that is in...

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