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The LongDate ring oscillator mechanical equipment operator(vibration table)

The Introduction of LongDate

  1. LongDate was founded in Taiwan in 1990, now it has located its company in Shiqi, Panyu, Guangzhou. In which is convenient to reach and has beautiful surrounding.
  2. LongDate has a history of 19 years of development in China. In the past 19 years, it devoted into developing and merchandising the reliable environmental testing equipment: vibration machine.
  3. In the autumn of 1988, the company founder decided to locate the company in Panyu, Guangzhou, China and moved most of the equipments to Panyu. LongDate is the most reliable company with the best technique and the preferential price. It is a company that truly predominate the technique of vibration machine. 
  4. Since the company established, we insist on the working philosophy that we focus on what we are doing and see it to the perfect ending. What’s more, the whole staff in our company should fully understand and study the description of products, so that we can guarantee the quality of products, provide the customer with the excellent high-tech products, and we can promise that all our products are manufacture according to the national industry standards.
  5. The trade that we belongs to: manufacturing, developing, and wholesaling. We manufacturing the vibration table and durable equipments.
  6. The main customers base: companies of electronics, electrical machines, appliances, machinery and electronic, glass, tools, automatic, packaging, etc.
  7. Our company takes an area for over 2,000 square meters, and has a professional workshop and few manufacturing plants.
  8. The technical staff takes a proportion of 50 percent of the whole staff. In the past years, we have build up cooperative relationship of sales with over 3,000 agents in various industries. We have owned the technical backup and a strong sales team.
  9. By using the advanced manufacturing equipments, exquisite craft, strict managing systems, accompany with great technical strength and outstanding after-sales services, we try our best to meet the needs for customers.
  10. Our products mainly sell to the customers of Asia and the provinces in China, in following years, we are focus on selling to the mainland of China.
  11. The main products of our company: the electromagnetic which gain the original patent and suction type electromagnetic vibration table. In addition, we are the first professional manufacturing company to produce the vibration table with the six degrees of separation in the same body and same table, the ring oscillator vibration table, the vibration table, and the vibration table of high-frequency vibration testing machine.
  12. We are firmly believed the philosophy that the better services can earn the credit and market portions.
  13. The professional spirit of our team and high-quality of products are upheld by the whole staff. We insist that quality is the basic skill and specialty is the most important superiority.



  1. Selection guide: how to choose the most suitable model of vibration table

E.g. Model LD-100XPTP (150 kg) a vibration table with six degrees separation, suction type electromagnetic vibration table

①   LD      -- Name : LongDate

②  “—“     -- symbol : —

③  100      -- size of the table: 1)size:  non:   2)table size :50*50CM     3)bottom size:50*50CM  

 1) Size:  20:   2) table Size: 20*20CM     3) bottom size: 20*20CM 

  1) Size:  35:   2) table Size: 35*35CM     3) bottom size: 35*35CM 

1) Size:  75:   2) table Size: 75*75CM     3) bottom size: 50*50CM 

                       1) Size:  100:  2) table Size: 100*100CM   3) bottom size: 100*100CM 

1) Size:  150:  2) table Size: 150*150CM   3) bottom size:150*150CM


④    X       -- type :   none: type of standard

A: four degrees separation in the same machine (the same table)(Axis X(Y+Z),up &down &left &right)

X: six degrees separation in the same machine (the same table)(Axis XYZ ,up &down &left &right &back &forth)

G: comprehensive type

S: impact type

R: rotary type

M: manufacture type

C: swing type

⑤ P       -- computer type: none: standard/P: computer type

⑥    T       -- vibrate direction: vertical Axis Y / H: level Axis(X+Z) / T: three axis (two table)(Axis Y/(X+Z))

⑦ P       -- Frequency    : L: 50Hz power frequency / P: 0.5-600Hz / W: 0.5--3000Hz / T: 0.5-5000Hz

⑧ (150 kg) – load-bearing    : None: 100kg / direct weight



2:LongDate  Suction type electromagnetic vibration machine: Architectures, features and introductions .

①    to generate the high electric induction by using electromagnetic ring self-loop                                                                            

②   to generate the pull action by using the composite around technique                                                                                    

③ the direction of electricity to in or out are on the same circuit, and only two ports are left. According to the left hand’s law, when composite effect occurred, high excitation force happened, and then stable suction cooperation can be reached.

④  . suction type electromagnetic vibration machine’s components                                                                                     

  a: high inductance electromagnetic rings                                                                                         

  b: ultra inductance silicon steel -E/the lower one, I/the upper one, generator                         

c: spring steel (special treatment)                                                                                  

  d: brackets      

e: the base

f: surface of table

g: protective sleeve     

⑤  load-bearing and excitation will not change by the quality                                                                                        

⑥   Because of the integration of the surface of table, the base, the brackets, spring steel and electromagnetic rings, the uniform stability was enhanced to avoid the restriction of irregular items. So that we can reduce the cost of fixture. 

⑦   Modes of vibration: center horizontal line is zero; when it is vibrate from up to down, it truly meet the requirements of amplitude margin mm (p-p), to solve the problems that happen in high-frequency circular electromagnetic vibration table.

⑧  Our products can solve the problem which other high-frequency electromagnetic vibration table cannot, that the technique of vibration table is easy to influence by the circumstances of (when 50Hz/5mm/20g/less than 100kg).



3: LongDate  Suction type electromagnetic vibration machine : illustration of controlling system:

①    By using the integrated circuit module, it can get the value of frequency what is needed, through generating the frequency regulation changes.                                                

②     Various of wave types are generated: sine wave(full wave/half wave), pulse/triangle/square wave, etc.                                        

③     The controlling system is conclude by the following module:                                                                                          

a: digital panel                                                                                                                   

b: switch board                                                                                                                         

c: power control board                                                                                                                    

d: amplitude/ acceleration regulation board                                                                                   

e: various of waveform generator                                                                                                            

f: protection for overvoltage/over current/overload/stall/ PLC operation/time setting/under voltage/ overheat

 g: alarm for under load/stall/ overload                                                                                                    

h: natural air-cooled /temperature -10℃~+80℃/humidity 10%~95%                                 

i:  less than 50 decibel (less than 100 milligrams, 1 meter)      



4: The reasons why to choose the suction type electromagnetic vibration table

①     No matter what product, its performance will be adverse in a period of time because of the collision and vibration which appear during the transportation, using and retention.

②    How many companies can realize that the criticism of products can directly damage the brand of company? When the criticism appear just because the product broken for a while /seeing its end to warranty/ value is not high/ hard to find the after-sales service point.

③ When we can guarantee the quality of designing and producing process, we can foresee the invisible defects of products.

  a. Designing department: analysis the failure point, or the bad points.

  b. Quality department: analysis the different bad points from each batch.           

c. Manufacturing department: as early as possible to find out the bad points of products through measuring, when it is vibrating.

 d. Durability measurement: ensure the durability of products. The technical staff can improve the products earlier as soon as they find the design or components are not durable, so that the company’s brand can get a better reputation.



The LongDate electromagnetic vibration table factory in Panyu, Guangzhou (The ring oscillator mechanical equipment operator ) contract model

TEL: 020-84559661(10lines) FAX:84559326 mobile phone:13924139624

adress: No. 2 ,Dan gang street

          Shiqi second village

          Shiqi town,

          Panyu, Guangzhou

          Guangdong province, China.

contact perosn:Mr.Guoxiang/WWW.LDVIB.COM/Ali want:LDVIB1/


Brand name :LongDate(total cpmpany’s products of 439 models)

type : suction type electromagnetic vibration table

LongDate customers contract terms(please read each term)

①      The LongDate added new features and specifications in the original basis every month.

②       The added features and color are based on the delivery entity .

③      LongDate has the final interpretation right. Research on delivery in advance of the latest style, we will not make another notice

④      Prices are subject to change mainly base on the contract before the orders are confirm

 1: our company fully offer  ■ not including tax ■ including receipts, price tax plus

 ①The LongDate electromagnetic vibration table factory
   □ including the S & P tax (5.5%) "with small-scale taxpayers tax receipts (5.5%)

 ②Guangzhou City Panyu ring oscillator mechanical equipment operating Ministry □ VAT votes (17%)

2: free for 10 years maintenance ,only the products of our company, regardless of where the buy / (full inspection / components /technology) and free to delivery to the Secretary / Secretary / Apart from the following eight items(fare should afford by you, not delivery), Delivery to the your company / we are not pick up the products
① platform body -  the ring oscillator central axis is free for warranty of three years, after the warranty for 500yuan
② controlling box - digital operation panel free for warranty of 1 year, after- 150 yuan
③ ring oscillator master frequency conversion modules is free for warranty for one year, after -1500 yuan
④ paint (do not scratch / collision can be more than 5 years) Warranty of 3 months, after -150 yuan
⑤ PC / isolator for Warranty of 1 year, after -180yuan
 ⑥ laptop for 1 year warranty
⑦ L-type frequency meter for free of warranty for one year, after -100yuan
The ⑧ L-type time controller for free of warranty for one year, after -100yuan
* No matter  the warranty is over or not, the new features increasing (similar model free of charge), freight pays

3: 3: after-sales service (machine): six months for free replacement, freight pays. 
  (Packaging should be good, be sure to anti-pressure fall) 
  ① within three months, the return of free maintenance, we afford for the freight payment
    within 10 years (can change components of the Division is free to send the required components (except for the warranty project 
    Outside), but the modification / changes in line with the structure by our company should charge for maintenance fees, you should afford the freight pays 
  ② we must finish repairing the next day and sent directly to customers for you.  

③ if you want to return the control box, please contact the Division aftermarket / Ling r13610106162 
   (Because 98% are operational problems) (send / return) to the Company (the Division does not pick up) 
  ④ poor packaging can occur 70% of loss during the transportation process, our company only repair and charge for component costs 
  ⑤ can help to do the renew treatment, but to charge less of  the cost.
  ⑥ The maintenance include all original accessories and imitation components (Please be assured of using) 
  ⑦ two maintenances in three months (the same problem), we will replace a new machine and afford the fare.
4.The delivery date:
  □ prepayment of 50% to the paragraph after the _______ day delivery
  ■ shall be delivered prior to the day after receiving the payment(16:300) ■ spot
5 Delivery: Delivery Note will FAX your company, you can also inquire about / contact (delivery company
  ■ Express (PRD applicable) ≥ 1 yuan / kg (about)
  ■ goods (road) transport (non-PRD applicable)
  - In your city (city) Cargo (weight x (shipping / kg) + insurance)
  □ Self-mention
6. Package: ■ packaging fee of $ 0, ■ bags (not money)
  ① When the goods packaging is complete, but the device have a bad ponits, please send the goods back for replacement, we will afford the freight. If the disassembly inspection appearance is not ok, please notes in the delivery indicate and return to us.
  ② If the goods subject to be inversion / bad / falling apart / pressure loss, please immediately take a photo as soon as the box was opened, and then sent back to us for return. When  our company confirms, although our company can promise (repair / refund / exchange) ,  your company will afford  the loss of freight.

7. Shipping costs: (weight × (shipping / kg) + shipping costs +insurance)
  □ shipping ( our company can paid shipping for you fist/  your electricity bill should added the fare finally)
  □ our company pay for it
  □ can be pay for you in Pearl River Delta / chartered shipping /you should pay the expense, (cross-machine and others are free)
  ■ at their own expense
  * ( please specify the freight companies invoicing )
8 place of delivery:
  □ The Division: The LongDate electromagnetic vibration table factory(ring oscillator Mechanical Equipment Sales Department)
  ■ your company: (to deal with the sixth item)
  □ the freight company in your places (cities)  must use  the sixth to deal with the goods 
  □ (/ straight off):



Contact Person: 


9. payment process:
  □ 50% of advance payment should arrive before the  goods are delivery for __ days, 40% paid before shipment, the buyer shall organize checking received __ days, overdue acceptance as acceptance, the balance should be pay
  □ cash delivery (cash / wire transfer / check), to  delivery or pick up the goods by your company.
  ■ paragraph (pass a single wire / check to arrive or check) day for delivery (before 16:30)

□ advance payment of 50% to pay the balance before shipment
  □ Express collection (in order to check the appearance of bad points /accessories missing or not, because of the express provisions acceptance (deal with in the sixth item )
10 please add stamped on the contract , returned after the signing
11 payment: if your company need more information about the application process or payment of a specific date, please indicate:
12  we can send you a report for free(detection / attach this device) 

13 (cross ways) and (teaching machine locations) (to your company and Maintenance): For phone call or cross-machine refers to the agents, we just handling agent and do not contact with the direct customer
  ■ / could keep the machine (according to "the most simple easy way to operating", read the instructions to understand /
    Or call us 30 minutes to operate)
  □ to our factory (study / work meal) for free, the accommodation near our company are cheap and good.
    Pay by yourself (we can help find places)
  □ our company (free) / The LongDate electromagnetic vibration table factory (the ring vibration mechanical equipment operators)
  □ your company
①cross-machine in our company : In addition to(transportation) (stay 180 yuan / day, same day round-trip-free accommodation)    Free of charge
  ② The Division assists with the cross-machine: (cross-machine)with the Division
  (: Customer name / contact person and phone / departments /TEL / address), on their own expense or pay for you.

Tel: Fax:
Contact Person: Mobile:

14.the  instructions: ■ Simplified □ Traditional □ English □ CD(including simplified/ Traditional / English)
15: ① The LongDate electromagnetic vibration table factory in Panyu,Guangzhou     

Account: 800,208,789,508,018 / Panyu Sub-branch of  the Guangzhou  Bank
     For including the S & P tax (5.5%) for with small-scaletaxpayers tax receipts (5.5%) tax:
   ② tax: Guangzhou Panyu ring oscillator mechanical equipment operators
    the Panyu Sub-branch of the Guangzhou  

Bank Account:800179633708015
     □ VAT votes (17%)
   ③ The: ■ Taxes not included:
* Guangzhou Panyu Shiji Branch of Commercial Bank of China  /Zhang Li / Card Number: 6222003602103023333
* Panyu Shiji Branch  of Agricultural Bank of China Guangzhou /Zhang Li / Card Number: 6228480084107257218
* Panyu Shiji Branch  of the China Construction Bank Guangzhou /Zhang Li / Card Number: 6227003325120018313
* Panyu  Shiji Branch of the rural commercial banks in Guangzhou City,, / Zhang Li / Card Number: 622439610012452395

16.The contents of the 16 cross-machine in accordance with our cross-machine flow chart for the acceptance criteria, if you have other required, please stated the return, in order to ship pre-treatment and acceptancebased on your requirements: □No □ Yes

17: way for Trial and return: take check or cash or wire transfer to borrow goods for trying for 3
  Months;  in the three months the damage not occur human or natural disasters, we accepted
  any return,after receiving the goods the next day we will returned to the amount of  money  (eg,  special manufacturing
  equipment returned  80% of  the amount of money r )(does not include the wooden box / shipping fare and
  additional price not occur by this equipment) we will wire transfer to your designated account.
18 recovery / acquisition / replacement / TM / deductible of any one of vibration machines

19. the vibration of the our company , 10-100HZ single set of test is more accurate, constant acceleration can be swept fixed amplitude, about 30% of the frequency error, such as the 10-100hz 100frequency points
  There are 30 frequencies beyond the standard range of 70 frequencies within the standard range,
  Can accelerate your company have to do is set the amplitude given accopany with the attached table, you debugging can be more accurate,  according to the standards can be bought vibration feedback units (such as cylinder
  Electromagnetic vibration table), but the price is about  10-30 times of the price of ours.
20: Free measuring amplitude / acceleration, prior to shipment orfax. :020-84,559,326 to re-
   Volume / frequency / amplitude requirements / accelerationadvertised, the Division will serve you in the Schedule
21: Guarantee: please copy attached of your contacts and mail or Email or
  FAX, the Division can do better after-sale tracking andupgrading to ensure
22: wire transfers to the actual total price of the main, the Divisiondoes not bear all the costs generated by the telegraphic transfer
   Telegraphic transfer, please pay attention so as not to affect theshipping

23: The delivery time
① road transport: Xin Long logistics / TEL :020-22,630,509 /Wang R: 13,928,802,252
② Express: rhyme delivery / TEL :020-84,856,649 / Deng Xiaojun: 13719235761
  Two subject will FAX delivery note or call to query
24: Agent to the copy of business license or your business cardor website information, please FAX
  Or inform the Division Query OK after dealer price shipping
25 agents are only responsible for about business andreceivables, the majority of the Company only agent business
  Ring oscillator can directly find the aftermarket can be handed over to the ring oscillator to deal with, if that can not handle
  Or refractory information to the ring oscillator to recover a single, do not take 5%) price (proxy price,
  Other difference is also earned by dealers

26: the kind of objects shipped mainly to the Division, you can also request phone photography SMS to
27: The Division provided free accessories with more than 150projects, please call / ask FAX/EMAIL-
28: 29 large - my client, I asked for after-sales services
29: 28 large - the after-sales service of the Secretary
30: 36 - The Division Free Services
31: 23 large - the Division to provide all related services inshaking table
32: more than the contents of the contract arbitration in Panyu
33: Four / Six Degrees as using www.ldvib.com as possible (16cross-machine order form)
    , Can be downloaded, it is best to treat Kobe to sign and return, not according as receivables
34: ★ four / six degrees of 60% may have to pay attention to thecost of cross-machine machine, when the offer

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Street address: No. 2 ,Dan gang street, Shiqi second villageShiqi town, Panyu, Guangzhou,Guangdong province, China.





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